Audience Comments

“I was fortunate enough to be in the audience Saturday evening for the World Premiere of Jessica Locke’s, “Reading of the Names; 9/11 The Firefighters.” This piece needs to be promoted through every avenue possible. I will never forget and I cannot wait for another opportunity to hear this unbelievable contribution. “

” The opening selection was most moving and such a very profound expression!. It enabled us all to pay homage vicariously and find a voice to express respect and gratitude and grief.”

“A member of Chamber Singers said that singing your piece was the most emotional experience he had ever had as a choral singer. He said that no one in the choir was untouched by the power of the musical message.”

“One cannot simply listen to this piece. It is one of the most powerful holistic experiences I have ever had. I feel such comfort, such joy, such celebration, such connection at the same time that I am remembering grief. I will continue to remember and pray for all who were involved in this enormous tragedy. God bless.”

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